High Isle

The 6th version in the series of Elder Scrolls

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High Isle

The story begins long ago where the Snow Elves were scattered throughout Tamriel and the culture is calling them to come back home

The 1st DLC begins in Blackwood where the character is sent there to gather the Snow Elves that have inhabited the Colovian parts of Stonewastes Highlands, more information is available below

Cyrodiil DLC

This is why you do not want to buy the ads just yet as this is the game that has been found as the one! The system is really messed up and High Isle is another word for Forgotten Vale, more information will be available as to why, the company is going to soon be making physical copies of the game, so this is the first information available for the game to be sold, this is just a preview of the game cover – please discuss in circles if cover will work

Game Outlook

Elder Scrolls V1: High Isle

1st DLC – spoiler

2nd DLC – spoiler

3rd DLC – spoiler

The 3rd DLC is being put in order that the game is available, this will be your first step in understanding how the game works, it is a completely online format currently and the three games have been chosen already, it will be so fun to see the game lift off, I can’t believe it’s not Whiterun, the 3rd DLC is being named Summerset which the game will slowly be brought into your device and gain interest.

Hint – (………)

New water purifier in Sweetwater Cascades

The 2nd DLC is being put in order that the game is available, trying to be tracked through what is seen, not too much information is available yet to explain the exact game, in Elsweyr it is thought to be in Whiterun hold that gives clues when played, an exciting time to think like you are playing Skyrim.

Hint – (…….)

The 1st DLC is being put in order that the game is available, looks to be part of Blackwood, it will be so fun to play the game as the suspense is building up with the set being developed for the entire game. The hint is aways from Lilly Rae in Whiterun and the 1st DLC revealed for a short while, the DLC is Blackwood, the main title has to be known first and the online game will be introduced first before Blackwood actual production develops, it takes the online format to grow before on a console. The DLC is running yet, but will soon be thought of on switch, on someday should be able to start playing, it is quite the process. The trial is hoped to bring peace along with a companion on the edge of Rockgrove missing the point of where Rocky will become friends with Libel.

Hint – (……………………………..)

High Isle DLC

The game is coming in and the location within the DLC is Blackwood or Elsweyr, the radar shows as Northern Elsweyr; however is very close to Blackwood, so the two DLCs are being brought to life to show the first glimpse of Blackwood

Game price model

-Look on elderscrollsonline.com

There are four tiers to buying the game, this should help with you fully being capable one day of playing the full game, this is a little confusing right now as the game is in pre-production, the end that is being sold in here is the online form for the game, it is comforting having the game online at all times, so here is what you want to do the next time you get paid if you have not already paid for the first installment of the game online, this will be a blessing when you buy the first copy online, it is wished you pay a monthly fee through this site whereas it wished for you to pay a one time fee on the above site mentioned, the above site is the general outline for the game structure which you want to pay the game online in some console, there are multiple game consoles available, the game is pretty much the same price in every version, prices may vary though, the first step is looking in the above site and paying for what looks like the standard version, this might look different on the right side of the site, this is the payment for the main game which is about $19.99 to buy the main game of High Isle. The payment methods online might look strange at first, going to the above site first will help you understand how the company works, both methods work; however if you want to know where to pay, paying for the console version is the desired place to pay for the game, the above site is a template for the full game, paying for the game has its limits, once you reach paying the four tiers, you will realize that crowns are the only thing that can be bought which are assumed you can buy an unlimited amount if wished, it is unknown though if the company will allow more crowns to be bought if a user has bought every place a crown can be bought, the standard version is the first step

Game price model

*Every DLC has been bought earlier – so this is an example formula for you to follow in paying for the game

1st DLC – $39.99

2nd DLC – $49.99

3rd DLC – $79.99

Standard version = $19.99

-These are the prices remembered as the payment amounts available in different areas of the game, the prices are not available to see anymore, so it is wished to give an example price list, this is an example price model that users can look forward in buying the game entirely for their game console, buying these four tiers will help with explaining the price models for ESO, there are multiple sites that offer the game for sale, buying all these things at once is nearly impossible and daunting to start buying right away, taking your time in buying the standard version will help the company sort out the price models, buying the total sets will help the offline game consoles offset the online use of the game, current studies are being ran for memory cards to run devices more thoroughly to eventually revert the game offline into a running online game from the new memory card technology, the above prices are just estimates


The next 3 tiers are called DLCs that will be discussed later, the current place is pay for the main game of High Isle, this will bring the game current and give game companies the ability to offer physical copies of the game.


Here is how the game works, it is composed of 3 DLCs in which the first game is being introduced as T.B.A. DLC, look into the map in the site and see if you see the name, so you can be accustomed with where the game is heading, the actual DLC has not been played yet and will slowly come out for other Elder Scrolls Online users to catch up on where the game is heading just like it was in game V and with that information, the game is starting to run perfectly, it is important to stay in the game mindset for the upcoming Summerset DLC, truly a beautiful set of games forming the whole game of High Isle.

Current Elder Scrolls game play view


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